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Old School

Simplesmente linda demais!

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Ah, que venha o verão...

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Harley Rave

Som para qualquer balada!

vi no Jurassic Machines

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No wonder the price of aluminum has gone up

Confederate motorcycles has been using it all up!
came across this picture of their new B120 wraith at the javits show this spring. what an ugly over designed over built pile of garbage.
funny because back in the early 2000's, i saw jt nesbitt's prototype B91 wraith and thought it was a really great departure in design. the bike seemed refreshing, taking very old concepts and updating them through materials and engineering.

somehow nesbitt just got it right with this one i thought, and still to this day i like the actual prototype, not to mention his idea of taking it right out to the salt flats to test it. apparently that didn't go real well though. for all his bravery in design, it didn't seem they had the mechanical aptitude to back it up. I had the opportunity to visit the confederate factory in new orleans back when it was basically in a large glorified shed. there were three guys working there at the time and the prototype wraith was in the shop. they said they couldn't get it to run right for some reason..
well just a quick look and i think i could tell what the problem was. outside of a proprietary prototype v-twin engine they had built, they were running dual carb heads, each with elbow manifolds facing forward topped off with a S&S Super G on each one with open stacks. hmmm...possibly a wee too much carb and uneven forced air for the engine?
oh well..they probably scratched their heads for a while trying to figure that one out. Anyways, a few months later sadly the whole operation was flattened by hurricane Katrina and Nesbitt went off to do other things, but created the first and last interesting design at confederate.

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